Monster beats headphones for Sale

Monster beats headphones are a very famous brand of headphones, and its main factors are fashion and smart. The lowest prices are generally one thousand yuan or so. It has gorgeous and stylish look, and its sound quality are a little better than such a price of other brands of headphones. At prevent, monster beats headphones have become a headphones standard for these Rock, Hip Hop and R & B and other sports lovers.  
Monster beats headphones’ brand philosophy is “the most fashionable and the trendiest”, which is their usual style. Its bold use of color and fashion design, coupled with celebrity blessing, has gotten a lot of good grace from many young people for all ages. Beats Electronics manufacturers in August 11, 2011, was acquired by the Taiwan’s leading mobile phone manufacturer HTC at a price of $ 300 million. It has been confirmed that beats headphones have a cooperation relationship with HTC.

    Monster Company  with Monster beats headphones for Sale also established a partnership with rap artist Dr. Dre and Interscope Records in 2007 to design and manufacture the Beats Electronics line of headphones called “Beats by Dr. Dre”. This led to a trend among headphone manufacturers to create celebrity-endorsed products. Monster created similar partnerships with Lady Gaga for the Heartbeats brand of headphones in 2009, PDiddy’s Diddybeats in May 2010 and LeBron James later that year. In 2010, Monster began developing a series of products for the Chinese market that were co-branded with basketball player Yao Ming. A 51 percent interest in Beats was sold to HTC in August 2011.

At the end of the five-year agreement between Monster and Dr. Dre in 2012, Dre decided not to renew. According to Bloomberg, both parties said the separation was “amicable” but they had disagreements on who deserves credit and the share of revenues. After the split, Monster created its own Monster beats headphones product line and new lines in partnership with music groups Earth, Wind & Fire and Miles Davis.